There are countless children worldwide that because of their sickness will never have the opportunity to ride a horse, ski or sled down a mountain, or even own a new pair of shoes…Pleasures so small that most people take them for granted. At Children and the Earth we hope to fulfill some of these dreams and wishes.

From a trip to Disneyland, to gifts under the Christmas tree, or fulfilling a lifelong dream. We aim to do it all! We have an amazing committee and group of constant volunteers, between them and the incredible support from our community we continue to succeed! please join an event or make a donation today!!

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Ride the Brainwave 2021!

The Best 5k, Motorcycle Rally, UTV street leagal ride of the year all rolled into one big …read more

Night of Giving!

Hey friends, supporters and family. We have a great opportunity to help our kids and celebrate Christmas. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD … this Sunday , we need tons of help for our organization. We have 57 families and 329 that …read more

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