There are countless children worldwide that will never have the opportunity to ride a horse, ski or sled down a mountain, or even own a new pair of shoes…Pleasures so small that most people take them for granted. At Children and the Earth we hope to fulfill some of these dreams and wishes.

From a trip to Disneyland, to gifts under the Christmas tree, or a new wheelchair to a deserving underprivileged child… With your help we can save that corner lot from another convenience store and put down a lovely park and playground. All is possible with everyone’s help and heart in the right place.

Recent Recipients


Brielle’s Battle….

It’s been nearly a year and a half since our sweet little Brielle joined our family but her story began long before that. At 18 weeks along in the pregnancy, we had an ultrasound to find out the gender of …read more



Little Addie was a sweet, loving, healthy little beauty. Suddenly her muscles no longer wanted to do what she wanted them to do. Holding a crayon or even a spoon became an impossible task. Her sweet words of love turned …read more

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