There are countless children worldwide that will never have the opportunity to ride a horse, ski or sled down a mountain, or even own a new pair of shoes…Pleasures so small that most people take them for granted. At Children and the Earth we hope to fulfill some of these dreams and wishes.

From a trip to Disneyland, to gifts under the Christmas tree, or a new wheelchair to a deserving underprivileged child… With your help we can save that corner lot from another convenience store and put down a lovely park and playground. All is possible with everyone’s help and heart in the right place.

Recent Recipients


Beautiful Baylee!

Please meet Miss Baylee!! She was diagnosed in August, 2008 with High Risk Medulloblastoma one month after her 10th Birthday. She went through very aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatment, and in conjunction with the Huntsman Cancer Institute, and the marvelous …read more

Shane Lloyd

Shane was sadly shot 15 times by his own father and is in critical condition. He has two beautiful little girls that need your help. He has no insurance and obviously in unable to work. Please make a donation today …read more

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